Scholarships for Accredited Certification Programs from Crosstex

Did you know that Crosstex awards three scholarships per month for Sterile Processing certifications?

Crosstex recognizes the vital importance of establishing a path to professional development for sterilization professionals. That’s why we’re committed to providing support for competency-based certifications for sterile processing personnel. This scholarship covers all the educational materials required to complete an accredited self-study certification program of the applicant’s choice, as well as the exam cost.

Why is certification important?

Certification demonstrates a personal commitment to the safety of patients and staff, as well as a career commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

Application Requirements

  • Applicant must have a minimum of 6 months’ experience in a sterile processing department
  • Applicant should provide a letter of recommendation from a supervisor, manager or vendor

Note: at this time, scholarships are only available to healthcare workers in the US and Canada.

Applicants can choose to receive their certification from either IAHCSMM or CBSPD. For more information, contact these organizations directly:

The International Association of Healthcare Materials Management (IAHCSMM)

Phone: (312) 440-0078

The Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD)

Phone: (800) 555-9765

Scholarship Application

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